Nov 25, 2012

The Devil's Advocate

Even in testing deeply 
ideas most divine
You are called in regularly
 to think and opine

Truth lives ever on a precipice
finally to be really bitter
All make claim to have expertise
to find their surmise fritter

I who all know as the truth
 seeks to predicate
In realizing myself I make you
 the Devil's Advocate
Wonder sans you there'd only
 be red or white just wine
Imagine for each truth to be holy
 without you nothing would shine

With you not around only 
stupid fantasies will abound
Divine and devil seek you singly
to be on their steady ground

Last time we went to seek a trump 
it was a place called nowhere
So what if you've given up 
I well know its still somewhere

Keen for nother journey to nowhere
with still a li'l fear of a mutual fight
I sought a prop to come along dear
ignorant that you alone make me right

Trust me this time we'll reach there
worry not that I'll try to get upclose and tight
Leave them all alone just round here
to miss you forever since is not in my might

Devil's Advocate called thus in hypocrisy
as the divine too need to claim its alright
Need no one but you alone in gramercy
Trust me before you again prove me bright

Could never find any as wise as you while
travelling with all of them everywhere
The tough advocate you eventually le'mme smile
Just wish to be with you on the road to nowhere

Without the courage to lose even you
at the altars of even those that are divine
My mind and soul are thus anew
argue as much as you will its finally benign

Devil is just imagery by some
who believe to have a profitious claim on divine
Its really your mind that is so lissome
that indeed makes the heavens look fine

Lets go once more alone on that road
Until you trust, don't kiss me into a prince 
At most I'd croak and remain the toad
 I told you the truth and got my soul a rinse

Myth and history can no longer abound
my feelings have got my mind to be the laminate
Lets as always be alone for truth to be found
unfair a name yet you only be the Devil's Advocate


santosh kumar kori said...

Nice Post :)

Freya said...

Devil's advocate meaning

Allegorically, one who takes an opposite position for testing a contention, or just to be perverse.

The term 'Devil's advocate' was brought into English in the eighteenth century from the medieval Latin expression 'advocatus diaboli'. To describe someone as a Devil's advocate now is to suggest that they are mischievous and opposing, being opposite for it. In medieval Europe, Devil's advocate wasn't seen so contrarily; it was, similar to "chamberlain" or 'cordwainer', a vocation title.

There are various mentions in Vatican records dating from the mid 1500s of a casual part called 'Diaboli Advocatus'. In 1587, the administration of Pope Sixtus V (disappointingly, there hasn't yet been a Sixtus the Sixth) established the formal post of Promoter of the Confidence, referred to informally as the 'Advocatus Diaboli', which surely must have been the same part as 'Diaboli Advocatus'. The set of working responsibilities wasn't especially onerous, until the point when someone was assigned for either beatification and canonization, and soon thereafter the 'Devil's Advocate' was required to draw up a list of arguments against the chosen one getting to be plainly blessed or consecrated.

The first occasion when that the present type of the expression was used in print appears to be in the 1760 humorous content Impostors Identified:

By rising up and having the genuine impact of the Devil's advocate.