Dec 2, 2012

Road to Nowhere

We both wanted to go nowhere,
Were afraid we'll end up somewhere! 

We still kept on going ahead,
Were surely keen to not drop dead !

We live  the same pretensions everywhere,
We're in escape ready to go anywhere!

We carried some wine and some bread,
Were her lips so blue to make my eyes so red!

We took consciously the road to nowhere,
Were now surer its there somewhere !

We were keen to travel together instead,
Were only interested in just getting ahead! 

We are going well in pursuit wherever 
Were not aware if there ain't any nowhere 

We knew it well its a walk on the edge of a blade, 
Were still moving to reach that sublime and the shade! 

We kept on reaching here and there, 
Were motivated to find it even if wherever!

We decided to crush the rousing facade,
Were ready to crash against every barricade!

We tried our best to not reach anywhere,
Were realizing stopping makes it always somewhere!

We dismissed ideas of  liking being lust so widespread,
Were battling still how our own minds were misread!

We realized soon as we move on it becomes somewhere.
We're choosing thus to keep moving on the road to nowhere!

Stopping anywhere or wherever always becomes somewhere,
Keeping moving together alone lets us be in nowhere! 

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