Mar 19, 2017

Why Yogi: The Baton or the Bait?

Why Yogi? Is he the Baton or is he the Bait? 

Does A very calibrated risk taker like Narendra Modi need to up the ante now, when he has swaggering majorities every where? Is he in love with risk or his optimal risk reward point is yet not arrived? Is he inebriated on his returns so far to keep leveraging his gains or his optimal point in an ever changing equilibrium is yet not there?

Well, the string theory guys will surmise that RSS forced him to do this!


With Maha-Gathbandhan a distinct realism ahead of us in 2019, the only rampart left for Modi to tear apart is the polarised Muslim vote. The Muslim Vote bank became dysfunctional in Uttar Pradesh elections 2017, for the first time perhaps in India. Do not jump to a comfort zone that the Pseudo Liberals are yet to abandon that Mr. Modi will let the Muslim Vote coalesce and coagulate even once more. Hope is the worst enemy of a bull. By putting Yogi Adityanath in the driver's seat which bull is Mr. Modi feeding with hope? The Large mass of Modi bulls or the perishing Muslim Vote Bank politics bulls-in-denial? Think peacefully, who is Modi Ji baiting?  

Let the #Presstitutes the #Pseudoliberals, the #Sickulars scream Hindu Rajya and Modi knows how to en masse trap the losers and the rats. 

In Yogi's Uttar Pradesh Muslims will flourish. PERIOD. Mandir-Masjid issue is a matter that is sub-judice and the courts will deal with it. With a Mahagathbandhan around the corner, Modi & Co. know well going to the hustings with a Temple in hand may not be "sufficient". Going to the hustings in 2019 with Goodness for All including Muslims will be "necessary". Goodness for all can be achieved with as well as without the Temple. Keep guessing. 

Sarva Dharma Sambhaav & Vasudhaivayah Kutumbakam are the corner stones of the Hindu Way of Life and Modi is going to build his victories further on these corner stones.

Doubt, disbelief are the strongest propellants of any meme. Memetics being the study of how ideas percolate and propagate across social structures. An idea will keep propagating stronger and stronger till the time there are doubters. Why are no one able to imagine that the true agenda of Modi Ji may be to exhaust and extinguish the entire plank of Hindu vs Muslim or the Muslim Vs Hindu. If Hindus are granted their temple by the courts and Modi Ji works at including every Muslim meticulously in his Vikas - progress agenda, has he left anything for the Mahagathbandhan at all then? 

Am I making a forecast or am I wishing? Is this note a foresight-ful wish or a wishful foresight? Time only can answer.

The risk has indeed multiplied manifold. Its an All In move in Hold'em Poker terms. Winner takes it all, or loses it all.

If any other colour than saffron stirs confrontational horses, law and order enforcement will be the biggest responsibility Modi & Co have undertaken in this All In Move.

Do the left, the center, the left of center, the sickularists dare to create a flare? 

From a traditional risk analytics perspective after massive victories playing all in with all your chips still on the table doesnt make sense for a rookie player too & then Modi Ji is a master of political risk taking! Does it smack of heroism, then? 

But then, who has changed the course of history and destiny who hasn't had the DNA of a Hero? Choose your words carefully, then. If it is "Smacking of Heroism" or is it "the DNA of a Hero" that now comes to your mind when you imagine the picture of Modi Ji in your mind?  

If you cant see the Hero in Modi Ji, keep pulling at the strings of your string theory or your mumma's apron. 

This man is out to write history in a way that in times to come, either which ways we might refer to history of India, as India before Modi & India After Modi. 

I am not competent to be either for what he has done with Yogi or to be against it. Just observing, the stakes have been pushed all in and this is here my traditional risk reward analysis mind crumbles. 

I haven't been a hero, I haven't written history and I therefore will only be good at surmising at best or wondering at worst, here. Same is true of anyone else. 

The next few years are a massive Point of Inflection. Velocity of time has changed several levels in the last fortnight. Yes why should you consider time only as seperatedness of only one event, that is the rising and setting of the sun. If you are willing to change the frame of your references, time is the separatedness of any event that is constantly repeating. Focus now on deciphering time in your mind as the separated-ness of each breath India is taking! Yes, you will now feel the velocity of time has shot up! 

A winner all the way and a winner who has been on a historical winning streak is upping the ante and upping it like no one has ever. 

Tighten your seat-belts, this jumbo Jet with 125 Crore Passengers is now at the stratosphere and the pilot and his co-pilot are used to riding space ships and not just jumbo jets. 

We will either escape the atmosphere into space or collapse. Next two years could take India move through fifty years, either backwards or forwards.

But then this is what comes from the mind that is nothing but a self-organizing pattern seeking system. The mind refuses to break any moulds and keeps building more moulds. 

So one leans on the heart. The heart, being the heart of a #Bhakt, one says earnestly & animatedly that India now takes the next leap ahead to achieve in the next two years what we could not in the last 50. For such change, for such velocity, incredulity, disbelief, bedazzlement are just natural. 

This all in move places the Mahagathbandhan on the mat, even before it ties the endlessly complex nuptial knots! To be or not to be is going to chew the Gathbandhan, for Modi it is already a To Be. For Modi I am New India is in. 

Old India, beware this is one game where game theory fails and it has failed tonite. This is a game where the Winner is not scared to lose and a game where the losers have been put in a state where they will be scared to win. 

Mar 1, 2017

Open Letter IX to Shri Narendra Modi: Creation of Air Corporation of India

Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister

Respected & Dear Prime Minister Sir, 

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan has put people back into the business of governance and has brought the motivations and incentives of undertaking appropriate karma for receiving good governance. 

Endless permutations come to mind on how you may energize such an initiative permanently. 

For this letter, one shall focus on the quality of air in urban as well as rural India and how a simple initiative can create a permanent self propelling institution in place, forever. 

Consider establishing a new corporation, the Air Corporation of India Ltd., with a sole purpose and goal to ensure clean unpolluted air. Levels of dust due to irresponsible construction and our other habits have rendered the rural as well as urban India beyond the capacity of mother nature and the regular rains to clean us up. 

ACI, i.e.the Air Corporation of India may be initially funded by several institutions as shareholders. Such institutions could be the IL&FS, Insurance Companies (who will gain if longevity and health of population improves pushing actuarial numbers to their advantage) and any others. 

This corporation may install jumbo, mega, gigantic air purifiers across the length and breadth of the country. Say if at a major traffic signal at Connaught Place such a towering cylinder of an airpurifier is embalmed with LED display screens all around, it can become an outstanding display where commercial advertising can defray the costs of such an initiative. It will also make our citizens as well as tourists look up in awe, the way almost anyone who has been to Times Square looks around bedazzled. Clean air, beautiful view, information dissemination and self financed. 

Large Properties such as Railway Stations, Airports, Public places can have their respective departments and authorities allow space for installation of these purifiers on a realistic rental value. The AIC will enter into lease agreements, providing additional revenue to these utilities and the ACI in turn will be able to sell the advertising space it would get in crowded places with millions of footfalls and eyeballs. 

In the Digital India with 4G percolating to every dot of the country's map, centralized servers can produce the most productive and elegant media buying opportunity for brand and campaign managers. Whenever and wherever there is unsold media inventory on these towers, public utility information such as safety promotions from local police departments, health departments, social service departments can be beamed for educating the populace on good ways of living. 

The Air Corporation of India be created as an independent body in which the Government of India may be an active shareholder too. With the era of Internet of Things already upon us self diagnostic micro devices tracking the efficiency of the air cleaning, the amount of dirt, dust, debri and super compressed carbon (which is nothing but artificial diamond / black diamond) can be tracked. Additional lines of revenue for the Air Corporation of India could arise by producing artefacts, artificial jewellery and such articles from the compressed and super compressed dust, dirt and carbon particles which large business houses, the government itself and finally the public may begin to buy for self usage, gifting and can be exported. अब जब नित्य नए कमल खिलाये जा रहे हैं फैले कीचड़ से तो क्यों न हम धुल, रेत और दूषण से अभिलाष्य उपहार बनायें भी, लें  भी और दें भी !  

Energy efficiency that our Government is now emphasizing on so efficiently and vigorously can also find its value in this intiative. Wherever feasible these towers may be solar powered or wind powered as practical and for use of such renewable energy incentives can always be built into the system by way of tax benefits and other channels. 

The way emission control norms for vehicles are monitored and specified from time to time with evolving technology, parameters can be upgraded over time to ensure ethical cleaning of the air is done all over the country. 

Over time as we cris-cross the country covering the public places, roads & utilities law may be enacted by local governments to ensure that all new constructions of commercial and residential buildings above a certain threshold cubic meter volume must install these on their rooftops. In the transition period, old and existing constructions may be incentivised by providing rebates in municipal and other taxes. 

If Google & Facebook can achieve an unimaginable market capitalization then why cant our Air Corporation of India catering to the ultimate demographic dividend in modern history achieve a self financing cash flow pipeline by becoming a listed corporation within two years of its birth. Instead of keeping draining the resources of the Government, such a corporation will keep becoming a worthier and worthier magnet for private and global capital and pay very rich dividends to its shareholders, a good life to our citizens and continuously growing income and service tax to the Government. I urge your Government to be the incubator. हाँ साहब हवा से पैसा बन सकता है और अब बिलकुल बन सकता है! वायु प्राण शक्ति है, पूरा देश सुन्दर और स्वस्थ भी बन सकता है ! 

May not be any wonder in this era, when mega global corporations like Google and Facebook may begin to take the media space on lease from the Air Corporation of India! 

ISRO, IIS, IITs in our country can churn out soon enough many variations, models and technologies cost effectively for purifying the air of this country for every terrain, every weather. We have the competencies and the world knows about them. 

In time as the Air Corporation of India becomes a role model many other private sector players may step in to provide efficiency due to competition, bringing in faster and sooner better technology, better pricing and much more intensive and extensive competition. 

श्वास को योग में प्राण माना गया है और अशुद्ध होने पर आयुर्वेद में इसी प्राण को वात माना जाता है ! निवेदन है भारत भूमि के प्राणों को पवित्र करने पर आप शीघ्र विचार भी करेंगे और कार्यान्वित भी!  आज के माहौल में देश के मन-मश्तिष्क की हवा बदल चुकी है, बस अब मेरे देश की हवा बदल दें ! 

With Love & Respect

Yours Truly,
Sushil Kedia  

Sep 30, 2014

Rogue Journalism & Dementia of the Fifth Estate: Rajdeep Sardesai going Rogue not just Wrong

Rogue Journalism & Dementia of the Fifth Estate: Rajdeep Sardesai going Rogue not just Wrong

1. Personal view / opinion / bias surfacing repeatedly in the work of any journalist makes him counter-productive for the audience / consumer of news. Since in the name of Freedom of Speech there will never be any regulator for taming rampant misconduct of media professionals, such conduct will DEFINITELY make the people full of dislike for such so called professionals who are not only indulging in such conduct for DEFINITELY some gain (why else they would risk compromising their professional stature. Come on no one tell me that ANYONE is so committed to his beliefs that he will risk his career or standing). When such professionals become mad and full of themselves with an existing political axis and become too full of themselves, they run into psychological problems of not being able to accept the change.

2. Once the so called Godfathers of such professionals are no longer Gods, crisis erupts in the life of such professionals.

3. Fine, we do have Freedom of Speech, but no one said it can be practiced irresponsibly. Try out hurling abuses in a traffic snarl up and you will know what one means by responsible freedom of speech.

4. So whether a journalist or a non-journalist each has a RIGHT to Freedom of Speech & must be practiced responsibly. Some Journalists taking a poetic license too far and terming new phrases such as Freedom of Press are living in a Fool's Paradise.

5. When a democracy has collectively elected a leadership, for any journalist to remain in a pre-election mindset and continue to "paint" his ranting and diatribes as either news or editorial views is seriously damaging, unsocial and totally unprofessional. Why as a Citizen Rajdeep Sardesai had 1 vote and he may or may not have casted it. What right does he have to deride my democracy?

6. To keep singing a stale song of Godhra is ridiculous again and a clear breach of the law of Contempt. If Supreme Court decided on the matter, everyone must accept it. If anyone is an interested party then ONLY one can go to apply for a revision to a Higher Bench of the Supreme Court. All other ranting and particularly by highly visible media is total disregard of the law of land. Such a behaviour is contemptuous of the court on one hand and displays a level of arrogance no civilized society will tolerate.

7. When mis-use of power (media is a potent form of power & influence) is no longer backed by power, frustration sets in.

8. To indulge in a street-fight under any situation is a clear sign of psychological problems.

9. Tapes clearly show who got physical first.10. Tapes also show RS said, "You are an arsehole too". This clearly suggests he lost his head beyond the limits of logic also apart from civility. Such a statement from him if taken literally means he admitted in the first place that he himself was an arsehole.

11. Atop all this the sheer chicanery and debauchery of having taped something and bragging that it’s good to have captured the idiots on tape and to show the idiots is good is a total collapse of Rajdeep Sardesai's personality. This is hypocrisy beyond limits. Shame.

12. India Today a respected media group MUST FIRE Rajdeep Sardesai Immediately for abuse of his position, unprofessionalism, unethical conduct and for being a ROGUE JOURNALIST.

13. If Media Industry deserves to restore some of its respect it should stand up together and condemn this gross misconduct of Rajdeep Sardesai and ensure that he is not employed by any media house. Just because there are some creatures like Rajdeep Sardesai who have hood-winked the "system" so far and gotten away with it does not make it a birth-right of the media industry and the birth-right of every other media professional to either support such creatures so as an aspiration that the FIFTH ESTATE will continue to beseech power over the minds of the masses. LASTLY & MOST IMPRTANTLY: TO every Media PROFESSIONAL: Public ka khaate ho, public ki bajao mat. Jis thaali mei khaate ho usme gandh mat karo. Be respectful of people. It is the masses who made you to be stars in the first place by having respect for you and if you have become a victim of your own creation to believe that you are going to be able to brain-wash masses ad infinitum then you are at a total loss of realizing a fact that India is no longer going the path of becoming a Banana Republic. Some rogue journalists who did not fulfil their DUTY to be WATCHDOGS of democracy and aided as mere tail-wagging dogs the conceit and treason perpetrated by the Banana Republicists are going to be in for shock after shock.