Nov 24, 2012


 Will you not nicely just ink it
give up your habit to link it 

I am an idea just don't stretch it
Go figure me out and sketch it

Go just go and surely chill it
I'll be wherever you spill it 

Write alone in your own closet 
or keep spilling o'er the internet

I ain't the one leaving you lone 
whether you do sigh or groan 

I'd come anywhere so as to give it
you're never calm to let me do it 

Inkpot that I am for you is a good omen
Learn for you won't ever be a woman 

Come some day to share with me a drink
so as we can ensure what's gone we sink

Write or Speak, you are breaking the silence
You know I'll till when give you no license

You are free to keep doing your spilling
Get quiet will teach you the Art of Chilling

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