Nov 25, 2012

The Devil's Advocate

Even in testing deeply 
ideas most divine
You are called in regularly
 to think and opine

Truth lives ever on a precipice
finally to be really bitter
All make claim to have expertise
to find their surmise fritter

I who all know as the truth
 seeks to predicate
In realizing myself I make you
 the Devil's Advocate
Wonder sans you there'd only
 be red or white just wine
Imagine for each truth to be holy
 without you nothing would shine

With you not around only 
stupid fantasies will abound
Divine and devil seek you singly
to be on their steady ground

Last time we went to seek a trump 
it was a place called nowhere
So what if you've given up 
I well know its still somewhere

Keen for nother journey to nowhere
with still a li'l fear of a mutual fight
I sought a prop to come along dear
ignorant that you alone make me right

Trust me this time we'll reach there
worry not that I'll try to get upclose and tight
Leave them all alone just round here
to miss you forever since is not in my might

Devil's Advocate called thus in hypocrisy
as the divine too need to claim its alright
Need no one but you alone in gramercy
Trust me before you again prove me bright

Could never find any as wise as you while
travelling with all of them everywhere
The tough advocate you eventually le'mme smile
Just wish to be with you on the road to nowhere

Without the courage to lose even you
at the altars of even those that are divine
My mind and soul are thus anew
argue as much as you will its finally benign

Devil is just imagery by some
who believe to have a profitious claim on divine
Its really your mind that is so lissome
that indeed makes the heavens look fine

Lets go once more alone on that road
Until you trust, don't kiss me into a prince 
At most I'd croak and remain the toad
 I told you the truth and got my soul a rinse

Myth and history can no longer abound
my feelings have got my mind to be the laminate
Lets as always be alone for truth to be found
unfair a name yet you only be the Devil's Advocate

Nov 24, 2012


 Will you not nicely just ink it
give up your habit to link it 

I am an idea just don't stretch it
Go figure me out and sketch it

Go just go and surely chill it
I'll be wherever you spill it 

Write alone in your own closet 
or keep spilling o'er the internet

I ain't the one leaving you lone 
whether you do sigh or groan 

I'd come anywhere so as to give it
you're never calm to let me do it 

Inkpot that I am for you is a good omen
Learn for you won't ever be a woman 

Come some day to share with me a drink
so as we can ensure what's gone we sink

Write or Speak, you are breaking the silence
You know I'll till when give you no license

You are free to keep doing your spilling
Get quiet will teach you the Art of Chilling

Nov 23, 2012

Enjoy the Silence

You, the one who taught me to spare my words
got to exercise your license & now enjoy my silence

I ain't getting into talking my sense out anymore 
you are the one who is going to drive it furthermore

"Dance the Night Away Grab Somebody Drink a Little More"
you left it written on the wall for me to find as the sophomore 

I know its her writing and she too has a way 
to speak with her silence and make all sway

I ain't getting into talking my sense out anymore 
you are the one who is going to drive it furthermore

Step up and hit the gas high else we're goin' nowhere
You too can hear my new-found silence just near and here

Take it now, you only taught me to have it
Don't think of pain that you are going to give as I will live it 

If my silence can't hurt me it won't hurt you 
Speak up as you can't hurt 'coz it was for me never new 

Do what you have to since words with neither sound nor silence 
can do what is carried by action and its final violence

Just do it
Enjoy the Silence 
I long ago gave you the License

Nov 22, 2012

डूबते को तिनके का सहारा : the last straw

डूबते को उसने दिया सहारा एक तिनके की तरह 
फिर से याद किनारा दिला दिया मसीहे की तरह 

जैसे तिनके ने सिर्फ एक ऊँगली थमाई थी 
उसने भी तो बस एक ही बात समझाई थी 

कितना तुम बोल देते हो कि शब्द बहरे हो जाते हैं 
 अपने ही नहीं होते पराये किनारे भी दूर हो जाते हैं 

चुप हो जाओ अब तुम मैँ तो हूँ आ ही गया 
किनारा अभी भी बहुत ज्यादा दूर है नहीं गया 

साँसों को समेटते समय की उस बाढ़ में मैने कहा था 
किनारा मिल भी गया तो क्या मेरा अब सब है बह गया 

कुछ नहीं बहा है तुम्हारा  सिर्फ तुम बह जाते हो 
चलो किनारे देखें तुम क्या नया कर दिखाते हो 

स्तब्ध रह गया में उसकी तिनके जैसी सादगी पे 
कह दिया उसने तिनका ही हूँ में आशियाना मत बनाना 

डूब रहे हो तुम इस लिए ही सिर्फ मेरा काम है बचाना 
कल्पनाओं में अगर डूबोओगे तो तुम्हीं मुझे किनारे ले जाना 

डूबना भूल गया मैं क्यूंकि शब्दों के उसने डुबो ही दिया था 
कहाँ से आ गए फिर सारे जिनका मैंने आसरा छोड़ दिया था 

मुझे तो ले चले अब सारे फिर से किनारे की ओर  
मेरे उस तिनके को उन्होंने वहीँ बहने दिया छोड़ 

चीखने को किया मन, तुम सब पराये हो सच में 
क्यों मेरे एक ही अपने को मंझदार में छोड़ आये हो 

याद आ गया ऊँगली के उस स्पर्श से चुप करवाया था 
और उस पल ही समझाया था बह जाऊँगा तिनका हूँ 

हवा के झोंके पे आया था समय की धार पे चला जाऊँगा 
अगर फिर न रुलाना चाहो कभी तो रहना अब शांत फिर आऊंगा

मिलेंगे हम बार बार चाहे नौका में हो न हो पतवार 
ना मुझे हवा के झोंके की ज़रुरत होगी न लगेगी तुम्हें बौछार  

जब जब करोगे मुझे याद अपनी दवात से स्याही ले लेना 
तुम्हारे हर लिक्खे शब्द की कलम मैं ही हूँ अब चाहो जब मिल लेना 

Nov 21, 2012

Corruption of Politics Vs Politics of Corruption

Corruption of politics has lead to a new genre' of politics, the politics of corruption. Endless scams have suddenly been coming out of every closet, ever since the supposed loot equations of the IPL got out of array. It is known, understood, felt and believed that there is a scam going on everywhere at any moment and whenever the loot equations get imbalanced the co-parceners in the loot expose each other. 

After all, information that gets generated at the occurrence of some event, transaction or action is known first, even before occurrence of the event, only to the doers. The affected may discover, but later only since if they indeed would discover it at the same moment it would be a dacoity or theft and not a scam of trillions. So, in all likelihood, the multi-dimensional cabals that form in the process of mass loot of massive proportions develop fissures and when there is no honesty left in between the dishonest looters a scam surfaces out, most of the time. 
Information comes into existence at the very instance any kind of event arises, yet information propagates forward only on some motive. The best newspapers are those that never get published, we all know. 

Unpublished Newspapers have the most important news! 

Allow me to share a favourite surmise. As in the laws of physics -- a hard science, the forms of energy are interconvertible from potential to kinetic etc. etc., similarly a law of governance -- an artful softer science, the forms of power are interconvertible from financial markets, big business, bureacracy, politics, media and even the mafiosi. At the top table in the pantheon of power there are only winners irrespective of the route they took to reach the top of the influence and impact making chain! 

If this surmise is true, which I believe it is, then the modern day power & influence process and thus the politics and governance of nations is unfair to be discussed with a unipolar agenda of targetting only the political generation of the present times for all the ills. All of us know, everyone of us is responsible for bringing us together where we have come and every form of influence or power is a co-parcener in propagating the values we collectively live with! 

In such a context the leap from jingoism of "Mera Neta Chor Hai" to contesting elections and entering the legislature is parochial at best and self-serving at the worst. 

I propose some direct questions in this note to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal the epitome of the fight against corruption in today's India. I seek to ask him, by contesting elections while he has chosen one respectable path to respect democracy and fight the war against corruption within the norms of civilized warfare, has he done enough to insulate himself and his movement sufficiently from the reflexive process through which we the people of India have allowed ourselves to be gutted so far? Is his ideal and his approach not as susceptible as is the dream of a young man barely out of college with every emotion heaving in his bosom to change this world? 

A Bureaucrat who meant sense! 

A Revolutionary who conveyed sense!!                                          A politician? Will he make sense? 

I urge all those who read through this note to ask Shri Kejriwal on his twitter handle @arvindkejriwal7 to respond to my queries and concerns here and those that you have. He promises to be India's most accountable politician and lets trust his promise and get him to respond then. 

An open letter to Shri Arvind Kejriwal, slogans proposing him to be next Prime Minister of India already having being aired: 


21st November, 2012

Dear Shri Kejriwal, 

Salutes to your spirit, sense and enterprise in jolting this civilization called India into waking up and beginning to figure out a fight to get its conscience. From slavery where Bapu and Chacha Nehru lead us in the fight for freedom, this perhaps is the next important fight in our evolution, to achieve conscience as a nation and civilization. 

Your intentions seem what they are, noble. However, as a stake-holder in your enterprise I do wish to ask you things that concern me and seek to alert you at the other hand that we the people of India may not be lead into yet another quagmire. 

I am sure you do remember the spirit of a clean India that the late Shri Rajiv Gandhi pursued vigorously while having a dream parliamentary majority on his side. He failed. A singular factor described then was that he antagonised the permanent seat of power, the bureacracy by raising a stick at them without providing for enough of carrots. You as an aspirant to enter the legislature at this point are way more ill-equipped than this charmer in our history who had a dream majority by his side. The odds are stacked so heavily, at least at this point by the mere comparison from recent history that one wishes to ask a few questions first in this milieu: 

  • Why have you not provoked and invoked the ire of bureaucrats, past or present, as yourself who may have harboured a similar angst, ire and frustration at who We the People of India have become so far? Do you believe you are the only one with this high IQ, strong education and competence to be in so much pain on our current state? Why have you not made covert or overt efforts to widen your team and base with people with a similar background? 
  • Do you not feel a strong radical approach is necessary to invoke the place of pride in the Services first , since the Services are the permanent seat of power and thus governance, so as there is an emotional, psychological, economic and social incentive for the best of the breed involved with governance to agree to clean up the system? A mere Lokpal or Janlokpal and fear psychosis with it will let the bureacracy stay functional, take decisions and execute? Power of incentives, including satisfying every element of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and beyond is necessary or not? Do you not remember the CBI raid raj on the Banking Administration in the gone decade when the bankers became synonymous with those who will lift their pens but not bring it to paper to sign any decisions bringing the economy to a grind with credit cycles getting frozen? Do you not wish to learn from this piece of our history too that "stasis" is what ensues with a raid raaj or license raaj? Fear is an inferior motivator and to be used only like quinine if the fevers of malaria are to be suppressed. The treatment is care, food, rest and the inner will to be cured. In this context then, what is your plan to bring back pride, respect and interest of the most competitive DNA amongst Indians to seek careers in Police, Administration and other Services? Will it be good to see you as the Prime Minister of this country who will fail to address this depleting self-respect and thus morale and moral intensity in our services? Can we instill pride merely by Service Awards or by a straight and direct mechanism of performance incentives? Can we continue to cry foul over the thievery some of the most competent men and women of India who join the services do but spare not even a thought on how we as a nation can allocate our budgets, finances and economic decisions to compensate them as the best? Do you wish to continue to sell me the dream of an India where the regulator will earn less than the regulated and still remain honest? Please why don't you consider giving me a regular supply of opium instead if you are imagining that the likes of me will continue to buy this unipolar dream of a Janlokpal that can be the panacea of all ills? 
Now, lets move to this holy idea of black-money. Is Punishment a device in jurisprudence and moral sciences for making the society a better place? Is Punishment a device to ensure that the damage done so far will be reversed? Is Punishment only a device for creating a fear and moral deterrent for the not so die hard to not try the same crime in the future? What have you done so far to include in your manifesto of this erratic revolution or for the manifesto of the political party that you are floating about the root cause of the process of generation of unaccounted wealth and thus black income? Do you not understand and believe that high rates of Income Tax are an osmotic barrier that damage us in multiple ways regarding black money? High rates of Income Tax become an incentive for people to produce unaccounted money which is what the corruptible and corrupt political process prevailing at this point of our time thrives on and needs regularly and why, of all the revolutionaries, you have not begun to address this as yet? Why are you not even mentioning a clear plan that will in a time bound manner drive our economy to the most competitive rates of Income Tax to demoralize this demon of black money into not growing any further? Why are you not thinking that the forces of the market-place and the self-interest of each involved will automatically bring back the money to a geography where it is economical to keep it, with low income tax rates? In any case, would you please explain your economic philosophy at least in the context of a simple idea if those who create income and wealth should be taxed or those who consume and spend resources and wealth more than is productive for the society as a combined unit be taxed more? If a revolution is indeed what India needs to radically break apart from traditions of sad economic choices that most of the mankind has been making and usher into a leadership for entire mankind into a truly free and fair society, then why are we lacking the courage to say that Income will be taxed minimally and that there shall be progressively larger and larger taxes on items of luxury, ostentatious consumption and hedonism? Do you believe that by following the well trodden path full of economic blunders as popular across nations of this world your utopia of a corruption free or corruption lessened India is possible? if you believe so, why dont you instead send me a daily strong dose of opium so as the thinking genes in me that fearlessly question you too become quiet? 

Lets look beyond those governing, the governed now. What are you doing about moving the governed from this deep circuitous journey into frustration and anger at what has been done to them, to a realization that the governed have done it more to themselves than any and then onto a state of pride at having a decisiveness to undo it? What are you hoping that the aam aadmi of this civilization will do to desist from the rat-race, to be morality abiding and not be the inducement to the wrong-doers? This set of questions is critical, since if not addressed within time, I would need to ask you directly now, why are you taking the risk of frustrating folks as me, the aam admis to believe that first we were frustrated because we did not have an Arvind Kejriwal and now we are frustrated more so, because despite having found Arvind Kejriwal nothing did really change? Why are you risking despite knowing the failure of a Rajiv Gandhi's dream majority in parliament that indeed another bureacrat turned politician V. P. Singh too fanned a revolution in the name of the injustice meted out to the backward castes? Is your enterprise at this point not lacking in foresight and ignoring every leaf of history in not addressing any dimension beyond the creation of a totalitarian fear and punishment machinery called Janlokpal? What are you waiting for to open this revolution on every plank? Do you wish to tell me that like a good warrior who opens only one flank at a time, revolutions are rolled out as surgically as a war? 

I will keep coming back to you Mr. Kejriwal with questions and more questions, since indeed if this is the Big Struggle for regaining the Conscience of India, then it has to be about asking the right questions since right answers cannot be discovered with wrong questons, ever! Yet, for now, let me emphasize the question I believe of all that I have asked in this note to be most important to my mind: 

"Why are you risking the collective emotion of our civilization at this point to be frustrated and angered only and not become determinate despite having had discovered you? What are you waiting for?" 

Frustratingly yours at this moment,

Nov 20, 2012

“Art of War & Technical Analysis” by Mr. Sushil Kedia : 26th ATMA Mumbai Meeting

“Art of War & Technical Analysis” by Mr. Sushil Kedia : 26th Mumbai Meeting

Event Supported By
Who will provide an Educational Meeting / Discussion covering broadly:
“Art of War & Technical Analysis”
Why this topic?
  • War is the highest embodiment of human conflict
  • Every decision is a resolution of some conflict
  • Principles of warfare are applied to all business achievement processes
  • As Technical Analysts, whether we trade or we invest, there are meals for a lifetime in studying parallels between war and our work.
  • Sun Tzu’s Art of War is on the top-10, must read list of books of Mr. Kedia and he will likely take the gathered through a delectable journey of numbers, charts, philosophy, sociology, mathematics, anthropology, physics and all of it centered around how knowing the Art of War improves each piece of work we do as Technical Analysts.

Sun Tuz’s The Art Of War:Art of War
The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu, a high-ranking military general, strategist and tactician. It is commonly known to be the definitive work on military strategy and tactics of its time. For the last two thousand years it has remained the most important military treatise & it has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.
Just a few pearls from the Art of War should give you a glimpse of what this afternoon would likely be pack-in for the meeting: 
  • “To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”
  • Art of War
  • “The purpose of  war is to not defeat the enemy, but to defeat the strategy of the enemy.”
  • “In respect of military method, we have, firstly, Measurement; secondly, Estimation of quantity; thirdly, Calculation; fourthly, Balancing of chances; fifthly, Victory.”
  • “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

Meeting schedule: 
1.45pm – 2.15pm: Registrations open
2:15pm – 3:45pm: Educational Session 1
3:45pm – 4:30pm: Networking, Tea & Snacks
4:30pm – 6:00pm: Educational session 2

Registration fee:

Non-Members: Rs. 750/- (inclusive taxes)
Member Discount: 100%, Members kindly log-in & Register for the meeting to receive the Discount.
Route Map:

Kindly Note:
•    Registrations will open at 1.45 p.m. and close at 2.15 p.m. sharp to ensure the programme starts on time.
•    Only when someone has genuine difficulty in online payments may write to [email protected] requesting ATMA Bank details and deposit the fees at ATMA Bank account, scan the pay in slip and email the same back with the subject line stating 26th  ATMA Mumbai Meeting Fees: First Name  Last Name.
•    Since seats will be allocated ONLY on a first come first served basis on registering, please do drop back a line to us on [email protected] in case you choose later to not attend the venue so as we can at least give the seat to a wait listed person.

Event Properties

Event date:01-12-2012 , Time - 01:45 PM
Event End Date:01-12-2012 , Time - 06:00 PM
Individual PriceINR750.00
LocationM. C. Ghia Hall

Nov 17, 2012

Top 10 books that influenced my life & work

Top 10 books that influenced my life & work:

Do you analyze the market or Mr. Market analyses you? You might say it's obvious that you analyze the market. Think again, please! Do you analyze the chart or after taking a position, Ms Chart starts analyzing you? Historical record of market is identical for everyone, yet our performances so unique. Its true then none of us ever made or lost any money due to the market alone, but the real differentiator is an understanding of our own selves. I and the market together, make a complete functional unit. Have I spent enough time and effort to understand "who I am and how do I behave when I am involved with the market"?

Here is a list of the most influential ten books that have helped me answer varieties of questions relating to these key questions:

10. Technical Analysis Explained, Martin Pring:  A comprehensive book on technical analysis that covers everything making it comfortable for a beginner and yet covers enough of each thing making it useful reference even after two decades of practicing this Science and Art, for me. More importantly for me this is the first book on the subject I saw by chance at the Kolkata Book Fair (the world's largest annual book fair) in 1988. Grabbed it immediately since I knew it was Love at First Sight, for sure! The same copy continues to be in my wider collection to date!

9. Atlas Shrugged, Ann Rand: Fiction is believed to be the mirror of society. I would say it can be the crystal ball of the society. Remember the 'Around the world in 80 days' by Jules Verne? Written nearly 70 years ago by Ayn Rand a fugitive from Russia seeking solace into the Capitalist society of America, this novel has fueled more debate and thinking than any other piece of writing in the last century into the pros and cons of Capitalism. Eerie resemblance of imagination of so long ago playing out in the current credit crisis has propelled this book again on the Bestsellers lists. Yet I recommend this strongly as an origin of some of the most powerful debates and questions every investor and trader must ask for herself.

8. Markets, Games, & Strategic Behavior, Dr. Charles A. Holt: How can one chunk the daily routine decisions one undertakes in a life in the markets with such ease and how insightful these games can be in helping decipher our own vulnerabilities is to be experienced reading through this book. One can indulge in a battery of nicely structured games that bring out the semi-conscious and sub-conscious instincts with which we respond to so many actions of ours in markets than based on analytical reasoning. A chart is the same for every Technician and yet each Technician is unique to the Chart. Markets are a human affair. Monkeys, rats, snakes, rabbits et al did not create money. It's a human concept. These games will help one know better the human machine in markets!

7. Trading & Exchanges, Dr. Larry Harris: Whichever approach to markets one may take, i.e. Fundamental, Technical or Quantitative, knowing where one is placed within the food chain of the markets is critical to assess what are the right and the wrong things for each participant. One must know the lunch one is seeking for today and must ensure that one is not himself the lunch of another for today! If there was a universally correct thing to do, markets will stop trading at all! This is a phenomenal read, even though academic yet a highly practical description of every possible market structure, for anyone who wishes to enhance one's competitive understanding of markets and of individual situations.

6. The Alchemy of Finance, George Soros: Pursuit of seeking equilibrium models is the folly of college education. Markets are all the time moving towards and away from equilibrium! Sounds simple? Must read this book to get to in-depth aspects of how the Theory of Reflexivity helps explain every crowd phenomenon including why with the size of stakes that have come to be, cricket matches are not governed by the ability and form of players alone but rather the ability and form of players can be affected by the stakes at hand. No, not a book of market manipulation by any chance. A thinker's book, not for those looking for a do-it-yourself-technology-kit! 

5. Education of a Speculator, Dr. Victor Niderhoffer: Who is a champion at everything he has done, has written the most important book ever by any career investor that I have read. The diversity of phenomena from which he teaches how to draw your trading wisdom is awe-inspiring on one hand. The effectiveness with which this biographical masterpiece can turn one into a more able son or daughter is the gift that one can receive while seeking how to become a better Trader, on the other hand. A must read, I would say for anyone seeking to make an effective and happy life alongside a career in the markets.

4. Straight & Crooked Thinking, Robert H. Thouless: Rather than get entwined in the mumbo jumbo of cognitive sciences and the likes, it talks straight to the point practical ways of losing and winning arguments on one hand and is a comprehensive manual of flawed reasoning that still does win. If lawyers can utilize each leaf from this classic to win over any situation despite the facts, why can't Technicians and Traders use each leaf from this manual to get conscious of how the ultimately deceptive lawyer called our own mind is teasing us constantly in winning our minds over away from the facts into ultimately losing money more often than we should?

3. Feeling Good Handbook, Dr. David Burns: In focusing most if not all of the energy in analyzing the market almost all of us ignore the crucial component of knowing oneself. It is the combination of Mr. Market and one's own self that together create or destroy opportunities. Of a very large number of books that proffer self-improvement, psychology etc. etc. I found this one to be very much to the point at each step and yet very comprehensive in covering every key aspect to come to grips with knowing various states of the mind and how they subtly intertwine us with our engagements with observing and acting with the world.

2. Art of War, Sun Tzu: The classical Chinese War Manual that is a must read at every Military Academy in the world still! But why do we need to understand war? Actually this book does not encourage war but to fight it only when necessary. Every decision problem is a challenge of resolving conflicts between limited resources and unlimited number of goals! Every human endeavour and every economic enterprise is about resolving conflicts at every step. Should I take this trade, should I not is a conflict permanently present in a trading life. Must read to improve one's ability to resolve every type of conflict. War is the highest scale of known conflict. Go get it. Will make you a better human being and thus a trader! Why do you wish to fight, when a war is about winning first and fighting later!

1. Bhagwad Gita, Shri Krishna: Do you find the need to get the manual whenever you receive a new electronic device? Is there a manual for life? Here comes then the need for emotional intelligence. Hanuman Ji told Lord Rama at Chitrakoot in Valmiki Ramayan noticing him, Sita Ji and Lakshman Ji in the garb of poor brahmins, "When I come to serve you with my body alone, I am your servant. When I serve you with my body and mind I am your devotee. When I come to serve you with my body, mind and soul no difference is left, you become me and I become you." Bhagwad Gita at its rudimentary level may appear to be a book of religion. But when you bring your body and mind to it, it is the best manual of Emotional Intelligence. When you bring your mind, body and soul together it is the ultimate manual of Supreme Intelligence. To overcome greed and fear are challenges that can take a lifetime and then too it's just the beginning of the road to consistent wealth. To overcome a desire to seek happiness from events a much tougher one and to reach a state of mind where Happiness is the Fuel of Life and no Longer the Destination an ultimate one. Repeated readings of the Gita help reach better states of understanding the self. Most important book influencing my life and thus my karma as a trader and investor!

Nov 15, 2012

खोया चश्मा : पाया नज़रिया

खोया चश्मा : पाया नज़रिया 

चश्मा भूल आयीं थीं अपना धुप का 
थोडा खिंचा सा था रंग उनके रूप का 

बोलीं जहाँ छोड़ा वहां नहीं मिल रहा 
कैसे बताऊँ अब ठीक नहीं लग रहा 

पूछ चुकी सबको पता नहीं किसीको 
कल ही तो ख़रीदा था हमने इसको 

हैरत हो चली की  हुआ क्या है इन्हें 
अभी यहाँ आये ही हुवे हैं कुछ महीने

बोलीं देखो में कुच्छ भूलती नहीं 
खोना ही लिखा था तोह लिया ही नहीं

खुद छोड़ाये और अब  भुनभुनाते हो 
आप हमारी समझ नहीं आते हो 

बोलीं नजर को नज़र से बचाने वाला है  
अगर सच्चा है तो  खुद आने वाला है 

देखा दरवाज़े पे गार्ड आया  था 
धुप का चश्मा साथ लाया था 

बोलीं अब तक तो इसने मेरी नज़र को नज़र से बचाया है 
पर आज अब यह मुझे मेरे नज़रिए से बचाने आया है 

अपनी भूल को भी अपनी परीक्षा बना ली 
खोयी चीज़ आकस्मिक है आज पा ली 

कहीं किसी अपने को तो नहीं छोड़ आओगे कहीं 
उसकी सच्चाई और फिर अपनी किस्मत को अजमाओगे कहीं 

बोलीं  नज़रिया बदल लिया अब न कोई अजमाइश है 
जो खोया ही ना हो और जो पाया ही ना हो तो फिर क्या है 

नहीं समझ पाता में इतनी महीन बातें 
हैरत में गुज़र जाती हैं रातें 

चश्मा ना लगाया कभी धुप का 
अंदाज़ा भी नहीं उस रूप का 

क्या खोया और क्यूँ पाया 
नहीं समझ आया, नहीं समझ आया 

बोलीं एक बार इस चश्मे को लगा के देखो 
नज़र नहीं नज़रिए को निहार के देखो 

चमक दमक से बचा के देखो 
सच एकदम साफ़ नज़र आएगा 

हम कभी किसी को खोते नहीं ना ही पाते हैं 
हमारे अपने बस अपने वक़्त से ही आते हैं