Jan 6, 2013

Rise in Happiness, Don't fall in Love!

Rise in Happiness, Don't fall in Love! 

Ahha is a feeling that is a manifestation of happiness. Expectations reduce Ahha!

Anger is an emotion that manifests when one feels one has been wronged. Thus there is an underlying expectation of what right should have been done to ONE and that has not been done or in lieu of that its opposite may have been done. 

Guilt is an emotion that manifests when one feels one has wronged. Thus there is an underlying expectation of what right ONE should have done and that has not been done by ONE or its opposite may have been done. 

What is right and what is wrong? They are not absolutes but contextual. Contextuality arises from the human subjugation to the dialectical nature of our perceptive screens. Sciences also describe the universe as dialectic. That too is perception. This perceptive screen arises from looking for underlying reasons and if then thinking. However, happiness becomes absolute since it is free from if then thinking. 

If someone did not agree to spare time to share a movie with me then I get unhappy? That means I was not happy in any case and this cannot be the reason of not being happy. Happiness is in being, knowing one is fine and doing what can be done. 

Pressure free, anxiety free, future free, past free. Living in the moment is a seed of happiness and if one can continue to live inside the soothing ovum of the present moment one can stay happy. Since nothing is constant except change, there will be moments that we will step out of the comforting and soothing and benign protective layer of the present moment and lose or change the intensity of our happiness. 

Wisely happy are those who will return back to the moment and be happy. 

To not expect is divine. To be human and still be happy is to constantly work at "managing" our expectations. Its not about NOT expecting, but its about expecting in a way that we can grant ourselves enough Ahha to feel we are happy and not just be happy. 

Happiness is in knowing our limited perceptive ability, in appreciating the infinitude of the universe, in recognizing that we must open all gates for receiving positive surprises and in letting go of our inhibitions, fears, specificity so as we are not holding onto any particular doors but be available as an expanded soul to be able to go and greet happiness at any door it comes at. 

No one else and no event can be a driver of happiness. Its a state of accepting this universe, accepting the self and be in harmony with what is. To subjugate one's happiness to something happening or not happening is the trigger by which we always diminish happiness. Such an absolute state of happiness is indeed difficult, yet please reflect if we can be aware of this is what happiness is and then constantly guide our soul towards reaching and staying in that state we can maximize happiness. Permanence, in an impermanent world, of even happiness is not feasible. 

So I have a wish for you, please be as happy as you can be. Please let happiness come to you. Observe, listen, feel, reflect, accept. 

Let love be your strength never your weakness.  An absolute such as love makes us realize what we can know beyond the dialectical perceptive screens.  Did the mother make the son or the son made the mother, the mother? Did the husband happen to make the wife happen or the wife happened to make the husband happen? Did one friend make the other the friend a friend or is it the other way round? See in this simple thinking there is no dialectical screen! Soon as one human mind or soul reaches another dialectical perceptions collapse! Get conscious of the absolutes since an absolute is but every other absolute! To realize and be aware of the absolute is what happiness is. One may choose to call one or the other absolute as Love, Friendship, Relation, God or whatever. Yet any absolute is just the absolute. Feel it, as many moments as you will!   

Whenever you meet anyone, in your own mind or in this world, think and judge what are you able to give in happiness. When we are attracted to a quality or an attribute of another we like that one. Yet when we are able to continue to like that one despite the diminution of that quality, attribute or ability we are in love. So to be able to be liked despite who we have been or will be and thus be loved, there is nothing that we can do other than giving our selves in love.  Commanding love is way easier and more permanent than demanding love. When you give, you command and when you seek you demand. Rising in love is about giving and falling in love is in seeking.

When love happens giving is receiving, less is more, silence speaks, impossible is possible, surrender captivates, God exists! The entire dialectical perception process collapses into an unconditional happiness. There is no if left in our minds which will then let us be happy! 

So rise in love, never fall!  Rise in happiness, don't fall in love!