Nov 23, 2012

Enjoy the Silence

You, the one who taught me to spare my words
got to exercise your license & now enjoy my silence

I ain't getting into talking my sense out anymore 
you are the one who is going to drive it furthermore

"Dance the Night Away Grab Somebody Drink a Little More"
you left it written on the wall for me to find as the sophomore 

I know its her writing and she too has a way 
to speak with her silence and make all sway

I ain't getting into talking my sense out anymore 
you are the one who is going to drive it furthermore

Step up and hit the gas high else we're goin' nowhere
You too can hear my new-found silence just near and here

Take it now, you only taught me to have it
Don't think of pain that you are going to give as I will live it 

If my silence can't hurt me it won't hurt you 
Speak up as you can't hurt 'coz it was for me never new 

Do what you have to since words with neither sound nor silence 
can do what is carried by action and its final violence

Just do it
Enjoy the Silence 
I long ago gave you the License


Unknown said...

You took my Silence in the wrong sense
Your words always made sense
Your Words were the ones which showed me the way
now you are showing me the silent way
go back to where you used to talk and talk all day...because that was how you made my day

Keep Writing Mr.Kedia your words are nice.

Unknown said...

I know you as a Person who is great with markets ,used to read kedianomics earlier but that time you posted articles randomly, you were always good with words and there we see....personally i dont think silence helps in any way..i dont know u write out of happiness or sadness but what ever you do silence has never helped me may be i wasnt good at it , my parents always used to read my face, i think one should talk to the people about their sadness and happiness , especially sadness...tell them that you care , tell them that they are needed by see if the silent words you write brings so much effect on the reader what effect will the real words do....i always had a ego that i am the bigger person but my ego is a dwarf in front of the needs of being there with the people i love ....but that my situation , i dont know u write out of sadness or joy but if it is sadness dont be silent just go and talk.