Dec 28, 2012

My Limit: मेरी हद

मेरी हद 

कहाँ है वो सरहद जहाँ हो मेरी हद बता दो
जन्मों से है बस तुम्हारी तलाश मुस्करा दो 

चांचल्य अनोखा तुम्हारा आज अब सजा दो 
सुन्दर ह्रदय में आगंतुक को अब तो जगह दो

हर जनम में फिर मिलने का वादा अब दोहरा दो 
भगवान् कर्मरत रहें इसलिए अब अलविदा कह दो   

..may be continued, if Devil's Advocate so wishes..

Dec 23, 2012

India Raped

India Raped

 Intimacy is a human necessity so as to be able to experience the true inner self. For most the goal of life is happiness. Thus the pursuit of intimacy becomes the carrier for experiencing the innermost happiness of the other.  This provides one with ecstatic reflections of one's own at being able to give, share, care and make another find happiness. Its human. 

Yet, the same act of forcing intimacy violates, vitiates and villifies forever the inner true self of the one who is raped. It is an act of expressing and experiencing the inner barbarism that a rapist harbours. That is all rapes leave for all. That is the only thing that a rapist can ever get, since intimacy the supreme human aspiration will only leave for the society the inner ecstatic reality of the indulgent. 

To ensure fair usage of rules and law, once proven and only then, a barbaric mind be eliminated from the society. It is necessary to not only setup punishment that motivates the other hidden barbarians to heal themselves and become civil, yet also to protect the human among us to be not violated for ever. 

While law and rules do get abused and there will be collateral damage that this society will have to suffer for now since it allowed to deprecate itself to such a low. A capital punishment is not only necessary now but it also must be meted out in a way that really puts the fear of the Divine into the violator. When we as a society would have healed from our current state of deeply damaged collective psyche, the rules can be executed with greater ease. Nothing is permanent. We were not always as bad and we wont remain so bad. But for this moment, where we have together fallen so low, we must abandon the high horse and the ivory tower of being a civil society to abhor capital punishment. In the context of where we allowed to slide down ourselves we must get over the pretense of being civil. 

Just imagine, we as India are that civilization that understood intimacy to a level where it got elevated to be one of the sixty four key forms of art and we manifest our psyche in the Kamasutra ages ago. Today we have chosen to exist in a gutter that has only putrified remnants of our understanding of what it is to be human. If you cannot tolerate a smoker ruining the air in a restaurant how are you tolerating to live in a country where rapes happen with such impunity as if you and I don't exist? Think again, who raped this girl in a moving bus in Delhi? Think again if there is any single Indian who did not rape her? 

Law will take its time to evolve and then at whichever stages of evolution our rules are they will have their human limitations. But, if you think it is at least as important  for you to demand that in your country no one can be raped and no one's soul can be violated as much as you do demand that smoking cannot be allowed in public places then do remember prevention at every layer is necessary. Shame is not such a bad idea. It is shame that lets conscience prevail. Join your minds and rebuild the human fabric of shame in deploring, chastising, ostracizing every behaviour that is in nature similar to a rape: violation of the inner being of any human being and every woman. 

You have a choice, you can continue to rape your own India, your own conscience, your own existence or just decide today that enough is enough. Don't confuse it with politics, governance or merely law. Realize you and I and every other Indian raped that poor girl in the moving bus of Delhi. I am at least today able to bring the courage to my being in hanging my head in shame and sobbing my lungs out. If you can do anything better, please let nothing stop you. If nothing else, can you not join me in crying your lungs out whether on twitter, facebook, linkedin, foursquare, on your blackberry messengers, writing  Letters to the Editors, putting up graffiti on your college wall. Cant you do anything? Are you destined to living in a gutter? 

If that be so and we are only going to blame politicians then make another choice at least to be doing whatever you do in coherence. Burn the Kamasutra then. Stop reading or writing poetry. Don't listen to music. Never dance. What's the point of painting anything ever. Never say I love you to any in your life. Don't claim your goal is to be happy. Do at least one thing right, please. Be a human or a barbarian. Do one of the two fully well and right. 

Dec 19, 2012

Born to Love

Born to Love

You are the one, who is Born to Love, 
For all the pain this world may have.

Despite one and all, you make it so pure,
For you its gonna be same just be secure.

You teach anyone, to get calm and quiet,
You're the one whom you have to fight.

Supple body and bright mind so many crave.
That too and such a soul, is what you have. 

Special for sure, is you and your entire being,
For you its just love and there's beyond nothing.

Get over the illusion, that any love ever any,
It rises from within and embraces as many. 

To live with a soul and then to be ever in love. 
For you its greater than any treasure or its trove.

Love is love and has no type or silo or bin,
Its you who give life to love day out and in.

Let it go and let it be, love will be when free, 
Not a wave could reach even when at the sea.


Pain is just but a release and not the atonement
Love you have is a celebration and astonishment. 

The tears that you let happen are the treasure,
Sharing and caring and relieving the pleasure.

You alone are the origin and its manifestation,
Love is already the journey not your destination.

You know it already you are so clean and fine,
Love the love you have and seek just the divine.

For the true you, pain or gain are only so ethereal.
Love today comes to ask why be so Imperial.

Just love and love and love and love alone.
You're the one the one the one without a clone.


For who is born to love, each cry is to but die
Be so happy in love when you go world does cry. 

Dec 15, 2012

Pain: The Gain

Pain: The Gain

All of the pain is really nothing but a gain 
Its a ballyhoo that no gain without pain 

Gain and pain are the same as always
Its a balony to keep 'em sideways 

Truly indeed if you are gain and me the pain
We should have been hugging as if slain

More of  me you pain more we gain
Its a fantasy for you to see me in chain

I will share anything and all but my pain
Fair enough that hereon one must refrain

Pain and gain are since ever the same
To seek one without the other is a scam  

Truth prevails on every crystal and grain
We shall ensure to never go down that drain

When we know no single idea non-dialectic
To be able to have them together is eclectic

The pain we are able to bring to the other 
Brings the gain that can't ever smother

You never came so close to be able to go
The block that was finally found today its flow

It was always as dark before this new glow
Truth stood taller than you or me why now slow

The pace is not a proof of any special race
In time there has come much needed space

I never saw anything without you letting me 
Today when you were relaxed I did well see 

To have this sense of pain while we have gain
Is an illusion of a rainbow without wetting in rain

Let it come that will despite all care or without
In dark you never seek lamps that blow out

The beacon of gain please come with the pain
I am sure of you and me we can break any chain

Dec 12, 2012

आँसू : अब कभी मत आना

आँसू : अब कभी मत आना 

भरी दोपहर अपने अपने अँधेरे में घिरे,
कैसे वोह पल हमने साथ साथ गुज़ारे ।

आती जाती रौशनी के बीच साथ हँसे थे,
पर अपने अपने आंसूं अकेले ही बहे थे ।

कुछ भी बांट लेने को तो तैयार थे अब हम, 
छिपाया फिर भी हमने अपना अपना गम।

ना ही था कोई डर  ना किसी का कोई भय,
सता के गया हमें बस हमारा ही समय ।

हुआ एहसास की थाम के हाथों से हाथ,
कह दें आपस में कि अभी तो हैं साथ ।

मनों ने कहा एक दुसरे को मान जाओ,
आंसूं बोले आज अकेले अकेले ही बहाओ ।

ढलती दोपहर पे जब रौशनी लौट आई थी,
सूनी आँखों को सूनी आँखें ही दी दिखाई थीं ।   

एक थाली से हमने साथ निवाले खाए थे,
साथ एक ही सुरा के प्याले भी छलकाये थे।

हम बिलकुल चुप रहेंगे यह फैसला किआ था,
हमारे दर्द ऐसे में साथ हो जायेंगे नहीं पता था।

बिना कहे पूछे कुछ भी ले और दे सकते थे,
कोशिश बहुत की आँसू कभी नहीं बाँट पाए थे । 

पास पास हो कर भी हमेशा यूँ दूर से रहे थे, 
जहाँ भाव को भाव हमेशा छू ही रहे थे ।

ना मत ही आना अब मेरे ऐ हमसफ़र,
हाथों में लेके हाथ पूछूँगा साफ़ इस बार।  

आँखों को आँखें फिर क्या यही बतायेंगी,
अपनी अपनी अश्रु धारा खुद ही बहाई जायेंगी।

आंसूं अब मत कभी आना लेके कोई भी बहाना 
आना हो जब बस युहीं बिन बुलाये चले आना  

आ ही गए इतना जान के भी तो बाहों में लूँगा,
सच्चे दिल से आपसे फिर एक बात ही पूछूँगा।

क्यूँ रह गए दूर इतने दिनों तक जब आना ही था
कहना जिस आँख का आंसू था उसी से बहाना था।

एक दुसरे के आंसू कैसे फिर हम अब पोंछें,
दर्द के कच्चे धागे की डोर ही अब हमें खींचे ।

ज़िन्दगी ही तो बाँट सकते थे  हम चाहते जब,
मौत तो अपनी अपनी ही  आएगी जाने कब ।

 जितनी ही कोशिश की आँसू हम नहीं बाँट पाते हैं,
दर्द ही तो है जो रखता दूर से भी हमें पास पास है।  

आगोश में अब ले लूँगा येह सोच समझ के ही तुम आना,
बँटते नहीं इसलिए कह दूंगा आँसू अब कभी मत आना । 

Dec 9, 2012

मत आओ : Don't Come

मत आओ मेरी ख्वाहिश अब तुम मत आओ 
रहो अब इतनी दूर की तुम ना ही आ पाओ 

अगर आ ही गयीं तुम तो फिर हम बिछड़ेंगे 
अब तो सुकून आ चूका है वर्ना फिर तड़पेंगे 

बिछड़ेगा सब कुछ सबका ये ही तोह  है सार  
क्यूँ मिलते हो मुझसे औ बिछड़ते  बार-बार

मत आओ मेरी प्रेरणा  अब तुम मत आओ 
रहो अब इतनी दूर की तुम ना ही आ पाओ 

 अगर आ ही गयीं तुम तो  अरमान जगेंगे 
नभ से तारे सुबह होते ही फिर छोड़ भागेंगे

रहें अब हम  इतनी  दूर की ठीक से देख पायें 
करीब इतने रहे हैं कि कभी समझ ही नहीं आये 

मत आओ मेरी कामना  अब तुम मत आओ 
रहो अब इतनी दूर की तुम ना ही आ पाओ 

इतना खो खो के ही तो अब तक हम पाए हैं 
मिल गए इबकी तो समूचे ही खो जायेंगे 

अगर आ ही गयीं तुम तो फिर श्वास आयेंगे 
कलम रुक्केगी ये शब्द फिर गूंगे हो जायेंगे 

मत आओ मेरे सपने अब मत आओ 
नींद आ रही मुझे अब तुम भी सो जाओ

A Letter to My Daughters

 Letter to my daughters on obtaining cent percent marks at Mathematics Term Examination, together:

A Letter to my Daughters

July 18, 2010 |Published earlier at Dr. Victor Niederhoffer's Website

Dear Muskaan and Khushboo,

Congratulations on achieving the highest possible score in your mathematics test. In the past too each of you has obtained a similar score but on different occasions.

I am all the more happy when I today receive your test reports and find that both of you have together achieved the highest possible, together while being in the VIIth standard and the Vth standard of your schooling, when you are 12 years and 9 years old respectively.

Concentration that helps in putting your best at whatever you are doing at a particular moment is clearly you have begun to exercise often. I want you to remember that when required you can practice the highest levels of concentrations necessary to get the best out of you. This score has been possible only with that.
Within a fixed period of time that an examination must be completed to think of nothing but the work at hand within a time bound manner is a mark of disciplined thinking and action. I encourage you to call upon this faculty as often as you are out to achieve anything, anywhere.

Mathematics is not just about numbers. Its an elegance of a state of mind and personality that transcends above the rhythms and cycles of perception and focuses on the completeness of relations, functions and theorems that describe specific constructs. Your ability today together, puts me at greater confidence that you will be achieving such poise and grace as often as you are required to excel at a particular situation.
The joys that can be achieved by solving a puzzle, a problem a challenge are ever present in any mathematical question that you attempt to solve. The prowess at mathematics should give you the opportunity to realize your ability at solving varieties of problems and puzzles that can be represented by symbols, signs and formulae. As you continue to grow as persons and as your repertoire of skills gets richer you should realize with ease that the most widely known scientist of our times, Albert Einstein, is known to have said that, “What can be counted may not matter in life and what matters in life may not be counted.” In stating such an idea he was never dismissive of the utility of counting but was emphasizing that the scientific approach, the path of reason, the pursuit of enquiry may not be limited by any one’s inability at converting thoughts to numbers, since before you can enumerate an idea or a thought you must grasp it to a depth that relationships of that idea to so many other ideas should be appearing very clear to you. Then an approach to quantification to test the consistency of the thoughts should get easier.

The bright glint that I noticed in the eyes of both of you as I met you with your reports tells me that achievement itself is a reward. The smiley that your teacher drew next to your marks is a memento of appreciation and acknowledgement. In life, there may be moments when appreciation for any achievement may not be as instantaneous and it may be a while before those around you will begin to appreciate of your work or contributions. I am sure you will remember the glint in your eyes today that you carry together and it shall be yours again and again in the future whenever you get the similar inner satisfaction of having done your best without having to wait for a smiley.

I must thank your teacher particularly, for such a nice and sweet gesture of saying so much to you in so few strokes of her pen. Brevity at any communication is elegant. So is the pursuit of any mathematical solution. Two different people can get the same answer, yet the one who achieves that with the minimum amount of reasoning and explaining has done a better job. Economy of movement is a hall mark of most achievers and in the elegantly written answer books that I see before me, clean hand-writing and simple solutions make me believe you are acquiring the correct attitude.

Objectivity that is feasible much more easily at Mathematics is not the sole reason for the higher probability of obtaining cent percent scores in this subject. There is a unique answer in Mathematics, most of the time. At other times if there is no single answer, there is a definite range or set of answers available most of the time. There are however, the irrational numbers, the indeterminate quantities, the undefined values (that often mistakenly are labeled as infinite) yet even in those outcomes it is uniquely possible to arrive at those conclusions. The abilities that you gather as good students of mathematics should help you acquire the wisdom to be able to cope up with the less deterministic situations that you would face in most other walks of your pursuits. The in-deterministic, non-deterministic and the undetermined are all to be studied with the help of the deterministic. That is what Isaac Newton, who perhaps was the best known scientist of the previous century, meant to say when he said, “standing on the shoulders of giants".

To be able to learn from others, to be intellectually humble in knowing and accepting you do not know something is the critical start necessary for beginning to know anything that you are going to know.
Lastly and as importantly as everything I have written to you in this letter, do remember always that numbers even if an invention of mankind as much any other language are perhaps most easily manifest everywhere in nature as compared to any other language known to man and thus likely your best medium for communicating the inner beauty that you carry.

Best wishes from a proud father that you both continue to achieve many encores,

With love,

Dec 2, 2012

Road to Nowhere

We both wanted to go nowhere,
Were afraid we'll end up somewhere! 

We still kept on going ahead,
Were surely keen to not drop dead !

We live  the same pretensions everywhere,
We're in escape ready to go anywhere!

We carried some wine and some bread,
Were her lips so blue to make my eyes so red!

We took consciously the road to nowhere,
Were now surer its there somewhere !

We were keen to travel together instead,
Were only interested in just getting ahead! 

We are going well in pursuit wherever 
Were not aware if there ain't any nowhere 

We knew it well its a walk on the edge of a blade, 
Were still moving to reach that sublime and the shade! 

We kept on reaching here and there, 
Were motivated to find it even if wherever!

We decided to crush the rousing facade,
Were ready to crash against every barricade!

We tried our best to not reach anywhere,
Were realizing stopping makes it always somewhere!

We dismissed ideas of  liking being lust so widespread,
Were battling still how our own minds were misread!

We realized soon as we move on it becomes somewhere.
We're choosing thus to keep moving on the road to nowhere!

Stopping anywhere or wherever always becomes somewhere,
Keeping moving together alone lets us be in nowhere!