Nov 7, 2012


An ode:

to the Maun-Yoga of Respected 

Dr. Manmohan Singh 


the Karma Yoga of 

Shri Narendra Modi

It speaks so loud and so clear
Gets heard far as well as near

Through black-holes and vaccum it persists
Where even time has refused to be in exist

Its heard clearly by everyone
Going to be broken by someone

It keeps reaching all of us just everywhere
Will this too not leave me alone, somewhere
None utter  the voice of silence
Expecting it is everyone’s license 

At least now, someone ought to give it one scratch   
I decided, I'll be syllable for syllable its match

Silence  continues to be as loud as me
I’ve been as quiet as it for  you to see

We’ll keep going on witting each other until
         It learns to talk and I felt heard to be as still            


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