Dec 19, 2012

Born to Love

Born to Love

You are the one, who is Born to Love, 
For all the pain this world may have.

Despite one and all, you make it so pure,
For you its gonna be same just be secure.

You teach anyone, to get calm and quiet,
You're the one whom you have to fight.

Supple body and bright mind so many crave.
That too and such a soul, is what you have. 

Special for sure, is you and your entire being,
For you its just love and there's beyond nothing.

Get over the illusion, that any love ever any,
It rises from within and embraces as many. 

To live with a soul and then to be ever in love. 
For you its greater than any treasure or its trove.

Love is love and has no type or silo or bin,
Its you who give life to love day out and in.

Let it go and let it be, love will be when free, 
Not a wave could reach even when at the sea.


Pain is just but a release and not the atonement
Love you have is a celebration and astonishment. 

The tears that you let happen are the treasure,
Sharing and caring and relieving the pleasure.

You alone are the origin and its manifestation,
Love is already the journey not your destination.

You know it already you are so clean and fine,
Love the love you have and seek just the divine.

For the true you, pain or gain are only so ethereal.
Love today comes to ask why be so Imperial.

Just love and love and love and love alone.
You're the one the one the one without a clone.


For who is born to love, each cry is to but die
Be so happy in love when you go world does cry. 

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Unknown said...

To Free one in such love to just love is such a love. Wonder if you have someone in mind when you are in so much love. Lucky is the one, if you do have a one in your mind.