Dec 15, 2012

Pain: The Gain

Pain: The Gain

All of the pain is really nothing but a gain 
Its a ballyhoo that no gain without pain 

Gain and pain are the same as always
Its a balony to keep 'em sideways 

Truly indeed if you are gain and me the pain
We should have been hugging as if slain

More of  me you pain more we gain
Its a fantasy for you to see me in chain

I will share anything and all but my pain
Fair enough that hereon one must refrain

Pain and gain are since ever the same
To seek one without the other is a scam  

Truth prevails on every crystal and grain
We shall ensure to never go down that drain

When we know no single idea non-dialectic
To be able to have them together is eclectic

The pain we are able to bring to the other 
Brings the gain that can't ever smother

You never came so close to be able to go
The block that was finally found today its flow

It was always as dark before this new glow
Truth stood taller than you or me why now slow

The pace is not a proof of any special race
In time there has come much needed space

I never saw anything without you letting me 
Today when you were relaxed I did well see 

To have this sense of pain while we have gain
Is an illusion of a rainbow without wetting in rain

Let it come that will despite all care or without
In dark you never seek lamps that blow out

The beacon of gain please come with the pain
I am sure of you and me we can break any chain

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sir, a alternate line ( career) has been now opened for you, why not? such wonderful thought in beautiful passage. Its the emotion one goes thru every day of life and no one around to help but yourself..yes the overcomes but in heart remains..
Mayur Sampat